Jewelry Care Intructions

Your pieces from ALXNDR Jewelry are all made with the highest quality in mind. Although not much, fine jewelry does require some maintenance to keep it looking brilliant throughout its life time. Here are a few tips to do so..

* Keep it dry - Although it wont hurt your jewelry, it will help prevent build up and your jewelry become dirty. Remove your jewelry before the pool (stay away from chlorine), shower, gym, physical activities, etc..

* Periodically check your clasps and stones - These can become loose over long periods of time and prolonged exposure to elements. Get your jewelry checked every 12-18 months.

* Use right cleaning cloth - Only use non abrasive cloth to clean and shine your jewelry, otherwise it will create "micro scratches''. You can use warm water and dish soap with a extra soft brush designated for jewelry to clean heavy build up.

* Put your jewelry on last - Be mindful of your jewelry when dressing and undressing.

* Don't sleep with your jewelry on - store your jewelry separate from each other, not on top of each other.